Charge times for ignitors


Charge times for ignitors

Postby JetGSR » Thu May 03, 2007 12:16 am

Need information regarding charge time on a 4G63 Evo II

Quick rundown on vech.

Stroked 4G63 to 2.3 ltr with all the goodies
E8 ecu v1.62 , seq inj etc etc wide band UEGO meter
running factory ignitor with 4 seperate coil packs (ford EF HI) still in wasted spark mode. J22T ignitor (mitsubishi)

I found i had to increase the charge time from the std 2ms (which the std duel core coils ran fine) to 4 - 4.5ms for the car to run with anything over 5 psi (very violent misfire) after increasing the charge time to 4ms it will ran with 10 plus psi no problems.

My question is how much charge time will the ignitor take before it craps itself? I'm assuming it would get more hammering with longer charge times and eventually die.(if you over do it)

also the break time how does this effect the overall performance of the motor? and or coils

Correct me if i'm wrong, the more charge time i enter - the bigger the spark... more fuel more air bigger spark = more power. (with in reason)

I'm new to the really indepth tuning and i dont want to start changing things before i have some idea what the heck they do. Most tuners wont let you in the car while they tune due to the liability issues. I do have some idea on how it all works though!



Re: Charge times for ignitors

Postby ryanlindenberg » Thu May 03, 2007 3:34 am

you should contact the manufacturer of the ignitor. MSD told me to use a 3.5 - 4.0ms charge time for their 6A ignition box with high vibration coil.



Postby matt510 » Thu May 03, 2007 6:53 am

MSD said what? Thats amusing because their normal line is "constant duty 30%" ! MSD could tell you whatever they like - truth of the matter is the 6A box will run on any setting because "edge triggered" so as long as there is some signal (any signal) going from 12V to ground it will throw a spark.

As for the charge time - its totally dependant on the coil. general rule of thumb the heavier the coil the longer it takes to charge. The charge time is technically defined as "dwell time" and refers to the period of time required for the coil to reach primary saturation (that is "fill" (or saturate) the coil with charge) The more windings in the coil the more material there is to hold the charge the longer it takes to saturate - more windings equals more weight thats why the weight of the coil is a god indicator of charge time.

If you measure the current going into the coil you can determine exactly for each coil the optimum charge time.


Re: Ign charge time

Postby JetGSR » Fri May 04, 2007 10:53 pm

had the car tuned today! i set the charge time to 4ms and all seem ok no missfiring etc so i supose i should just leave it alone. Unfortunatly i was let down by a new fuel reg that wasn't working correctly so it didn't get anywhere near what it is capable of. 181kws @ 15psi @ 5000rpm injectors maxed out 510cc


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