Has anyone else come accross this problem?


Has anyone else come accross this problem?

Postby JetGSR » Sat May 05, 2007 1:51 am

I'm waiting for haltech to resolve this for me. But a couple of weeks ago my E8 decided to hold the injectors on and fill each pot completely with fuel! (out of the blue mind you) I fortunatly have half a brain and found the problem before i compressed the motor, car got towed home... i reloaded the firmware and reinstalled the map again, double checked (with the injectors out) that the injectors were closed while the fuel pump run before startup, reassembled, and it started fine.
1 week later it did the same thing again!, (cought it again, and another towing fee) before damage occured. I rang Haltech and they agreed for me to return it to be checked. I'm currently using a borrowed E8 ecu from a friend and it works perfectly (for the last 2 weeks anyway) The ECU in question was only in use for 3 weeks before this problem, but it is probably 12 months old (waiting for car to be finished)

Has anyone heard of this issue before?

Haltech said they had some issues with an older batch of ecu's but didn't say exactly what they were.

The bit that worries me is it worked for a week in between the flooding problems, I really dont trust it if it comes back no fault found!

Your feed back would be greatly appreciated.

This is not a haltech witchhunt!




Postby matt510 » Sat May 05, 2007 3:31 am

I had a very similar problem with a customer car. E8 ECU, this problem was very intermittent would only happen maybe once a month (enough to be a problem but not enough for it to happen all the time). Sent the ECU back to haltech. No Fault Found.
The ECU went back and forth to haltech a couple of times, eventually they agreed to replace it. This fixed the problem....for a couple months then it came back.

To cut a long story short the problem was actually in the wiring, i think it was one of the PWMs was getting power while the ECU was off (ie the power to the boost control valve was a constant +12V from the battery isolation switch). This was causing some sort of a bleed back of power to the ECU. This bleed back voltage was enough to partially power up the ECUs processor but not enough power for the processor to do what it supposed to. So as soon as the pump primed the injectors were already open and the thing comp locked. Only sometimes though.

Since this event i have seen the same thing happen twice - once where the injectors were powered up incorrectly causing a similar problem and once where the main power to the ECU switch was arcing out and sparking when you turned it on. Evidently the sparking was causing the ECU's processor to switch on and off rapidly causing a similar problem.

These are some things to look out for !



Postby JetGSR » Sat May 05, 2007 11:43 am

the fact that it worked for 3 weeks with no problem would definatly indercate that it is intermittant, But the only thing i use the PWM outputs for is thermo fans! which naturally is switched thru a relay. So unless the Haltech supplied patch loom is dicky then not sure if it could be same. But i do get the point you made and i will double check all my inputs and outputs. And any residual voltage that may be around!


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