Haltech Wastegate Solenoid & Map setup


Haltech Wastegate Solenoid & Map setup

Postby RUN95 » Sat May 05, 2007 9:18 pm

Hi All,
In the process of road tuning my 98wrx with the newly installed E11v2, and I'm having a little difficulty with setting up the Haltech boost control solenoid. I'm currently running what is basically a GT30R which has always been a very peaky turbo, coming in very very hard at 4000-4500rpm. This unfortunately is making it very difficult to predict the fuel requirements, even when taking a very conservative approach and just easing up the rev range and extending the mapping as i go. The boost curve is simply too steep to try be able to read.
Obviously the best way to do this is too limit the boost via the solenoid ..unfortunately this is were I come unstuck. I have the frequency of 30Hz from Haltech and understand the the mapping for the boost control is a percentage of duty cycle .... YES ??
If so, if I set the entire map to 5.00 is 5% effectively being bypassed by the solenoid to atmosphere or will this only be allowing 5% of the signal volume to the wastegate ???
(Trial and error at 5% and 95% have seen 10psi + on both)

I appreciate any input as I haven't driven it in nearly the 3 years it's taken to build it up so far .... and need to feed the addiction

Thanks ALL
Regards Matt ----- Brisbane----Australia--------

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