Cannot get my e11v2 to connect to working software. Plz help

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Cannot get my e11v2 to connect to working software. Plz help

Postby lstew48 » Thu Jul 07, 2016 2:56 am

Ive got a e11v2 that came with the car I bought, the person i bought it from was never able to get this motor running with this ECU.

So after doing some troubleshooting it seems that I am not getting a pulse to fire the injectors. So I read to make sure that pulse is enabled in the ECU (because the wiring seems to be 100% correct).

MY PROBLEM: I went through the steps on the forum to download dosbox and the softwares and got everything working properly, Ive got the serial adapter and com settings correct, however when I run the softwares with my ecu plugged in, it never detects the ECU. My other problem is I also dont know what firmware is on the ecu or what software I should be using so I am trying all 3 of them.

Now for the funny part: If I hit firmware update and try and update the ECU to the latest firmware, IT SAYS ITS DETECTED and starts to erase old firmware, BUT at the bottom in RED it says (-62% Complete) and keeps counting up and has even gone up to 234%. Then Froze.

What in the world should I do?????????

Can someone take over my computer and figure this out. I'm getting frustrated.

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