E8 (early version) data logging o2 in AFR

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E8 (early version) data logging o2 in AFR

Postby dk5293 » Fri Jan 19, 2018 3:26 pm

hi all, i know theres been a number of other posts on this topic but i havent seem to come accross a clear answer.

My wideband o2 is currently wired up to the o2 sensor input pin (pin 12/26) and I have it reading correctly on the gauge pages. however when going into data logging mode it will only show the trace in millivolts which is a bit annoying. i have read that you can also use the wideband o2 on A/D input pin 2 or 3 etc and configure it. If i change it onto one of the A/D input pins am i able to then log it and see it as AFR? I want to ask here before having to pull apart my loom to change pins.

software is halwin 1.89


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