E8 no fuel pump

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E8 no fuel pump

Postby piggyst165 » Thu Oct 18, 2018 11:07 am

ECU has been running fine for approx 2 months since re installed in the car, when yesterday I drove the car to the servo filled up and when I got back in to turn the car on the fuel pumps were not turning on. I can hear the other 2 relays clicking on but not the relay for the fuel pump. I replaced the fuses and relay with new ones, still no luck.

Upon some more investigating on the relay pin 30 (12v in) had 12v pin 85 had 12v when IGN is on, with the relay out pin 86 had 1-0V and pin 87 also had 0V as expected.. When I install the relay pin 30 12V, pin 85 12V pin 86 (fuel pump trigger wire) 12V, pin 87 0V .

Im not sure what has caused this to happen. if i put bridge 30 and 87 the fuel pumps run but the car still wont start .

Any help with this situation would be great.


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