E8 Thermo Fan Control

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E8 Thermo Fan Control

Postby cooter1 » Sun Aug 22, 2010 8:12 pm


I am new to the forum, have had an e8 in my sti for some time and my tuner has been maintaining the setup on the car. Up until recently I have been having some issues with over heating on my temp gauges. Have changed thermostats etc but have recently found that the thermo fans are coming on to early and going for to long preventing the thermostat from opening. I know what I need to do to stop the problem but my question is how can I do this myself?

I still have the disc that came with the ecu from new and the plugs to plug into my computer but have never installed the disc or even considered doing anything myself. Is it simple and can I adjust the thermo fan settings quite easily?

I would take it back to my tuner but need to get a quick fix soon due to an upcoming event.

Help would greatly be appreciated.



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Re: E8 Thermo Fan Control

Postby Nissanman » Sun Aug 22, 2010 9:04 pm

Well, it is easy to change the on and off values, but I advise you have a read of the E8 manual to get some background info.
If your tuner has done all the previous work, do you know if the ECU is password protected?
If it is, then you are restricted as to what you can change.
You will need to identify which Digital output/PWM output is assigned to the thermofan function.
Refer page 52 of the E8 Manual which shows you the "Auxiliary Output Options" page.
Once you know which output has the thermofan assigned to it, then you can adjust the settings.
Refer page 64 and 65 of the E8 Manual as how to set the "Cool Temp Low" and "Cool Temp High" parameters.
You can't break anything IF you restrict your fiddling to the area you want to fix :wink:


I hope this helps :idea:
Nissanman, just trying to help.....

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Re: E8 Thermo Fan Control

Postby BRIAN MP5T » Mon Aug 23, 2010 7:21 pm

The fans coming on early would not make the thermostat stay closed. The fans could literally be on always (bad Idea but used as an example) and no negative result should be seen.

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Re: E8 Thermo Fan Control

Postby Ignition » Mon Aug 23, 2010 7:50 pm

yep, the fans can stay on and the thermostat will cycle open and closed to maintain around its opening temperature. If youa re overheating check circulation isnt stopping because of another issue, airlocks, no fins on waterpump, blocked radiator, etc.

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