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Postby TGNLE1 » Sat Nov 07, 2015 9:12 am

I am running an E6K on a 4 cyl. ecotec 2.2 liter since 2005. recently we have experienced a symptom where we have ignition cut out at a specific rpm range. after much needed replacement of worn and well used parts, I.E. all ignition and fuel related devices, we have come to determine we are hitting the rev limiter at exactly 1/2 of the value we set the rev limit at. currently it is 8500 rpm and right at 4250 she starts to cut ignition. we raised the rev limit to 10000 and sure enough the cut out is now 5000. after 10 years of flawless performance, and now weeks of testing, I am sure in need of some idea where to look for the solution. I have switched out to my backup ECU, and same issue, so I do not believe it to be the problem.
Haltech S2 hall effect for home and trigger, M & W dumb ignitor, stock coil on plug waste spark, ignitor connected direct to coils, MSD tach adapter to get right value to tach.

im all ears

thanks Tim

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