Volkswagen 2.0 ABA Haltech E6X

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Volkswagen 2.0 ABA Haltech E6X

Postby 03aksuby » Thu Mar 10, 2016 5:04 am

Hi, I have spent many hours reading through the Haltech manual and the various threads on this forum trying to find the correct settings for my current set-up. I have tried what I thought to be the correct settings but have had no luck getting the car to fire up. I am almost certain that my issue lies within the ignition system/settings as I am getting fuel but only managing to get a very, very inconsistent and sporadic spark (which does trigger a timing light). Any help I can get at this point would be much appreciated, thanks in advance. My current set-up is as follows:

1990 Volkswagen Golf
2.0 8V ABA (MK3 Jetta motor)
MK4 intake manifold with DBW throttle body

-Haltech E6X ECU w/ a custom made harness tied into the Volkswagen engine harness
-Haltech external 1BAR MAP sensor
-Haltech coolant temp sensor
-Haltech intake air temp sensor
-VW V/R crank position sensor
-VW 60-2 Motronic (on crank)
-VW ABA ignition module (which has built in dumb ignitor) *Brand new
-VW distributor (provides home for OEM ECU but I assume I don't need it for the Multipoint set-up)

I have used the following settings:

Main setup:
-# of Cylinders: 4
-Load sensing: TPS
-Load type: MAP1BAR
-RPM limit: 8500
-Road speed pulses/km: 12750
-Rotary/cylinder mode: Cylinder
-ECU mode: Advanced
-RPM limit type: Fuel
-Dual map setup: Disabled
-RPM mode: 10500 RPM
-Gas comp. options: Always on

Fuel setup:
-Deceleration cut parameters: Disable
-Decel cut RPM: 2000
-Injection mode: Multipoint
-Enable injectors: *Disabled for now
-Post start temp limit (deg C): 54
-Temp limit is below: Unchecked
-Post start time: 60
-Ignition divide by: 2
-Staging bar number (1-32): 10
-Enable over boost fuel cut: Unchecked
-Over boost press limit (kPa): -101
-Over boost restore (kPa): -101
-Enable zero throttle map: Unchecked
-Full throttle threshold (%): 95
-Enable full throttle map: Unchecked
-Throttle pump dead band (0-20): 0
-Barometric lock: Unchecked
-Barometric pressure lock (mbar): 1013

Ignition setup:
-Trigger angle (deg BTDC): 70
-Tooth offset: 14
-Enable lock timing: Checked
-Lock timing angle (deg): 10
-Spark mode: Distributor
-Spark output: Constant charge
-Spark edge: Falling
-Constant period (ms): 3.2
-Internal toggle on: Unchecked
-Constant duty %: 30
-Coils on 4 cyl-4 coils: Unchecked

Trigger setup:
-Trigger angle (deg BTDC): 70
-Trigger type: Motronic
-Teeth No: 120
-Tooth Offset: 14
-Trigger Input Pull up Options: OFF
-Trigger Input: Internal Reluctor
-Reluctor Gain: 2
-Motronic Filter: 2
-Trigger Edge: Rising
-Home Input: Internal Reluctor
-Reluctor Gain: 0
-Motronic Filter: 0
-Home Edge: Rising

Input/Output Setup:
Spare Input Function: General
-Trim control: Fuel (Fine)
-Aux In Function: Disabled
-Aux Out Function: Disabled
-Aux Out Voltage: 0-12V
-Baro Input: External
-Injector 1: 4A Peak Limit
-Injector 2: 4A Peak Limit
-Injector 3: 4A Peak Limit
-Injector 4: 4A Peak Limit

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