vw 1.8T

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vw 1.8T

Postby justinjlee » Tue May 13, 2008 3:45 am

Just finished installation.
Loaded with the base map ...wala....everything is fine...the cars running...necely....

Hooked up my boost trimmer (controller) the black box with an oldschool volume knob.. I turned it all the way one way and the all the way the other way and can't notice any difference....can someone help?

what else can I do with other wires that are not connected?

I'm planning to do a overhaul - turbo, intercooler, fuel, exhaust, intake... can intereceptor handle it?
Anyone out there with an interceptor on 1.8T? I would like to exchange info on mapping and tuning....

Des Curly
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Re: vw 1.8T

Postby Des Curly » Tue May 13, 2008 10:04 am

Probably would have been best to make sure the Interceptor could handle your proposed upgrades _before_ forking out on one. To a certain extent it's not a matter of what the Interceptor can handle, at least, not on its own. It's only changing what the factory ECU sees. As far as I'm aware, problems will only arise if the corrections required are so large that they exceed the Haltech's abilities. If that's the case, then the factory ECU is probably well out of its depth anyway, with or without an Interceptor. You'd probably be looking at a full replacement ECU then.

With regards to the boost trim though, is the configuration you're using set up to actually make use of the boost trim (whether originally or after modification by you)? There are a heap of things that could result in there being no difference. Have you firstly confirmed that the Haltech's boost control system is working? For example, do you have an external boost gauge you can compare against (you _could_ use the MAP reading in the software, but an independent measurement would be best). Have you played with the map-based boost set-point to ensure it's working? For example, if it's set for 10PSI (I have no idea what sort of boost you'd be running, my experience is with Subarus, so I'm just using arbitrary numbers), first make sure it is actually achieving and holding 10PSI under load. Try changing it to say 8PSI and check again. As I don't know what experience you have, I will say (perhaps obviously) that you'll need to make sure the boost settings you're using are reasonable. For example, no point setting it to zero and expecting it to hold that, nor anything below the wastegate pressure for that matter. (Unless of course the VWs use a boost control system that is drastically different to that of the Subaru and the other Japanese turbos I know a bit about). First thing you need to ascertain is whether or not you have a functioning boost control system (Haltech + factory ECU + solenoids and so on). No point in trying to trim something that isn't working!


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Re: vw 1.8T

Postby justinjlee » Wed May 14, 2008 11:48 am

thank you.

yes...the interceptor is a piggback ecu and just fools the factory ecu. Before I go and buy the turbo, intercooler, fuel,
I would love to know if piggback ecu can tune the hardware.

so far I oredered the fuel, - walbro pump and siemens 660cc HiZ injectors.
I'm planning to order: Garrett GT2871R and Intercooler.

if there is anyone out there tunning a 1.8T with the interceptor......

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