Question about tuning EGT&Ignition Timing

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Question about tuning EGT&Ignition Timing

Postby invecii » Tue Oct 31, 2017 9:39 pm

I’m fighting with my EGT, I will appreciate if anyone there can give me some advised.

Engine is Mitsubishi 4G93 with CR10.5
Turbo TD05 (11.5psi)
EGT sensor locate before turbine
AFR 10:1 (Octane 98)
Inlet Air Temp 45C (sensor locate before throttle, after intercooler)
Coolant Temp 90C

My EGT will reach 950C at 6500RPM (4th gear), and the ignition timing is BTDC 10.
Knock will be incurred at BTDC11, so I can’t advance the ignition timing.

I’m worry about the 950C EGT will melt the piston, are there anyone know how much temp is the general safety EGT temp(sensor before turbine)?
Or are there any ways to decrease my EGT?


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Re: Question about tuning EGT&Ignition Timing

Postby z350tt » Tue Feb 20, 2018 4:45 am

In general terms 1300-1700 F is a normal range for a boosted engine EGT. So I don't think you are too hot, but I'm not quoting engine specific data just a general knowledge number.

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