VE TPS load tuning

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VE TPS load tuning

Postby Atomicvette » Sun Aug 23, 2015 8:44 am

I am trying to tune my ls based engine which is running an elite 2500 ecu. My tuner is unavailable to Dyno the car so I am trying to dial in the fuel map some on the street. The engine is Procharged and I want to tune the Fuel table with the charge pipe off using TPS as my load source. I have been told that the ecu will automatically account for boost, so I can tune the VE naturally aspirated. Then from what I understand once the charge pipe is back in place the engine will run correctly assuming the VE is correct save for some change in efficiency due to the compressor in the airflow path.

So I have a few questions on how to do this. How will the ecu know what afr to target under boost? Do I leave the target lambda table in MAP as opposed to TPS? Also generally what will this table look like? Will VE be flat across tps at a lower rpm due to reaching effective wot for that rpm? Thanks in advance

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