Using Autotune Feature

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Using Autotune Feature

Postby haltechindonesia » Mon Oct 08, 2007 3:51 am


I just try to use autotune feature on E8 (build 32 firmware version).
I use M&W UEGO and connected it to analogue input 2(Spare A/D 2) on E8.
And I've pop up wideband 02 monitor window (choosed from datapages menu in Halwin v1_71 software).
And I already set the Target AFR Map from zero RPM to 7750 RPM.

Haltech Technical Support said:
There are 2 ways which it works, 1st is by pressing the 'Q' button and it will adjust the
Air/Fuel Ratio taken from the 3D Target AFR Map, 2nd is the 'W' button where you press this and it logs the AFR to your laptop, when 'W' is pressed again it stops logging and it will highlight the changes in the 2D Bars.
You then can press 'U' for update and it will make the changes for you.

But when I pressed W button, there is no effect at all, there is no highlight the changes in the 2D Bars.
I also tried to press Q button, there is no effect at all.

I need your help how to use it?

Please advise,


Ovi Sardjan.
Haltech Indonesia.

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Re: Using Autotune Feature

Postby HaltechMatt » Mon Oct 08, 2007 11:10 pm

Build 32 firmware with 1.71 software autotune is not enabled in the front end. Stay tuned for the next version of firmware and software where this feature will be fully functional.

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