Delta throttle: another post, but some ideas are already clear

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Delta throttle: another post, but some ideas are already clear

Postby HoSDo_earth » Fri Apr 14, 2017 9:36 am

OK, another throttle issue but honestly I need more confrontation on how to tune besides on why it doesn't work (which wouldn't be true).

Here's my last datalog, this is a 6 speed transition on regular street driving. Low rpm, small throttle motion. I already tuned my delta load parameter, discovered the 0,4 was one of the most usual values and it's were lean spots start to manifest.

Now, if you look at my log you will not be pleased be the rich spot going up to AFR 10 and later a big hole where AFR drops to 18. AFR going to 10 is because of the fuel map, was and old solution I found to avoid engine stalls. What I can't figure out is why the throttle enhancement although activated doesn't put enough fuel to avoid the lean out event. The amount of asynch fuel delivery is very small, but I kept the enhancement map very close to Haltech stock one so I guess the trouble isnt' there. Should I have to push the percentage offset by multiplying my enrichment events by 100% or should I check within the map to add more fuel?
When you shift the gear and the needle on the tacho goes on red and scores 9000 rpm, that's bad...

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