Honda CBR 600 Trigger Setup

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Honda CBR 600 Trigger Setup

Postby ddavison » Sat Feb 10, 2018 7:56 am

I am working with a Honda CBR 600 sport bike engine.
From Haltech I am using a PS1000 ECU and a Platinum HP4 igniter.
I am trying to work through the trigger setup page in the ECU manager software.

The Fuel and Ignition system support:
- Injection: Sequential
- Ignition: Direct Fire

The engine has:
- Crank Sensor - Magnetic (2 wire)
- Crank Trigger - 12 tooth, no missing
- Cam Sensor - Magnetic (2 wire)
- Cam Trigger - 3 teeth

I am stuck on finding a Trigger Type in the ECU manager software.
I cant find anything that supports both the 12 tooth crank wheel and the 3 tooth cam wheel

As far as I can tell my options are to use:
- Multitooth General and grind off two teeth from the cam wheel.
- Motronic 12 - 1 and grind off a tooth from the crank wheel. (But this does not support Direct Fire)

I was wondering if anyone has experienced the same issue.
Ultimately I would like to avoid grinding any teeth off.
There must me a solution within the ECU manager?

Additonally I know someone who has the same set up (12 tooth crankwheel and 3 tooth cam wheel) and he said this worked for him:

But I cant understand how that would simply "work" with the 3 tooth cam wheel when "Multitooth General requires a single pulse signal on the Home channel"

Sorry for the long post but I feel like there must be others with the same problem or who have figured a work around.

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Re: Honda CBR 600 Trigger Setup

Postby HaltechMatthew » Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:52 am

Honda AP1 trigger.

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