Is there a possibility to run 2 injectors in semi-sequential mode in a 4 cylinder engine?

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Is there a possibility to run 2 injectors in semi-sequential mode in a 4 cylinder engine?

Postby LakithAvanka » Sat May 19, 2018 3:51 pm

I'm doing a classic mini cooper EFI conversion using PS1000. The car has setup with wasted spark ignition and Weber Dcoe type EFI twin throttle bodies with 2 injectors for induction. like this Image
The firing order is 1342 and the injectors are in 2 banks as bank 1-1,2 cylinders bank 2-3,4 cylinders respectively.
so with these injector pairings i can only run Multi Point Injection method, the problem is when using MPI, as we all know classic mini engines are came with 5 port heads 3 exhaust ports and 2 intake ports. 1 intake shares 2 cylinders (siamese port) so the inside cylinder (2,3) gets richer than the outside cylinders (1,4) because of the siamese port effect. so the engine won't run balanced and it can cause more problems like getting outside cylinders knocking and inside cylinders flooding, but i think it can be minimized by using injector firing angle in semi-sequential or running full sequential with 4 injectors. but i can't run full sequential because i'm using 36-1 trigger setup and can't add 2 more injectors with the design of the manifold and throttle bodies. so my question is can i group this 2 injectors to fire 1,4 and 2,3 cylinders respectively in semi-sequential mode? if can it will be a more precise tune.

if anyone can help me with this it will be great, Thanks in advance.
Lakith Avanka
TorquePerformance, Sri Lanka

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