1.5jz wont start with 36-2 +1

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smoke montarro
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1.5jz wont start with 36-2 +1

Postby smoke montarro » Fri May 25, 2018 7:21 am

can any good samaritan can spend few minutes with few tips so I can start my s13 1jz been trying to start it for 2 weeks and been failing

I am using haltech ps2000

Stock 1jz coilpacks atm

440cc 2jz gte stock injectors

Trigger wheel is a 36-2 plus 1 home on a camshaft atm the plug for the camshaft sensor is at the front but not sure if it's correct or not ,

The sensor and wheel I am using is reluctor with 36-2 of a 2jz ge vvti

Atm I can see 300rpm when I crank the engine but no spark or injectors opening

There is 3 bars base pressure on the rails but not a drop to the pistons

The loom I got is a flying loom made professionally but I am curious if the Haltech can fire the stock 1jz coilpacks without any extra ignitors

I can see :
water temps
Map sensor
Air temperature
Rpm ( 300rpm when cranking )

Any tips how to start it

Many thanks in advance

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