Platinum ps2000 and race technology dash 2

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Platinum ps2000 and race technology dash 2

Postby Datsun-ben » Sat Aug 11, 2018 11:47 pm

Just a quick question does anybody run a race technology dash 2 with a haltech ps2000?

I had the dash from another car and decided to run it in my car which is running the ps2000, I bought the cab adaptor from race technology’s, the problem I’m having is I can seem to get the vehicle speed to show up on the dash, does anybody know the can data I need to upload to the adaptor to see vehicle speed?

I’ve spoken to race technology’s and they have sent me multi files to upload to try but not had any success in getting the speed to show, and I know the ecu is seeing the speed as I can see it via laptop

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