PS idle up keeps jumping up

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PS idle up keeps jumping up

Postby Rotorzilla » Wed Mar 14, 2012 4:07 pm

I wired up the AVI5 to the PS pump wire and checked the voltage output using Haltech gauges. On my car it was 0V on and 2.4V off
my settings are
p/s 75 RPM
p/s duty: 5

but I have noticed that it goes into kind of run away mode if I am taking slow turns like parking. from a normal idle of 850rpm it can get up 3000 rpm with just a few turns of the wheel. I have tired setting the duty to 0, but it didn't have any effect on it.

This is using the JC Cosmo 20B 3 rotor BAC that is under the TB.

Also once the haltech starts controlling the BAC the rpm will shoot right up but then take while to recover. example if the ac is turned on it with jump the 300rpm that I set right away, but when I turn off the ac it slowly works it way back down to the original rpm some time it may take a few minutes. Is there a setting I should adjust to speed up the deceleration of the BAC


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Re: PS idle up keeps jumping up

Postby dale_che » Fri Mar 16, 2012 2:23 pm

lower you start position, you might find 10% is just too much air,

you may need to lower the throttle stop so the BAC is at around 30% at warm idle,

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