Injector flow rate can't set properly

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Injector flow rate can't set properly

Postby koko9876guy » Fri Oct 14, 2016 5:09 am

Hello everyone!
I try to solve that problem for few month and can't achive it.
I am going to explain all that I can for you so you will know as much as you can from just reading, and I attache the calibration file , I am really desperate and need help, I am stack with unproper values and can't start the tune process itself.

Ok, Its Suzuki Jimny G13BB engine totally stock.
I want to learn and get experiance on the stock engine and after that it will be 1.6 G16B engine with turnocharger but its not matter now.
I chose that because I know how this engine need to work properly and I build parallel wiring loom that I can disconnect all the stock ECU plugs from the sensor and connect the Haltech loom so I can test and drive the car and not need to park it a lot of time because I need to use it.
I must say that I didnt connect the idle air control valve and the EGR sensor because I didnt see option for it in the Haltech sprint 500 loom, should I need to disconnect it totally when use the haltech ECU or leave it connected and controled from the stock ECU?
One more thing is that I warm up the engine with the stock ecu and then plug the haltech so the tuning process always happens when the engine in working temperature.

The engine start and die after 2-3 seconds.
I success to Idle it just when I decrease the AFR values approx 4-6 or when I increase the VE table values to approx 160 - 180
I used thous strange values to idle and I locked the ignition to 10 degrees and check with light gun to fix trigger angle and trigger offset at around 1500 rpm.
I was needed to change it 1 teeth offset and 10 degrees trigger angle to get 10 degrees.
Now the ignition settings looks perfects.
The engine still not idle but I had noice that when I change the injector flow rate from 180 cc/min (from manual 45 cc/15 sec) to approx 30 to 60 esspacially on 40 cc/min the engine idle well and not die.
I am really dony know how to solve it the engine mechanic and timing are good and it idle and run properly with the factory ecu.
All sensor values are good, MAP show 100Kpa (Absolute) when engine off, and when engine idle values approx 30-40

I take video of all of this story so you can see it, ... ...

Hopfully someone will solve for me the problem finally...
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Re: Injector flow rate can't set properly

Postby eranmk1 » Thu Jan 26, 2017 9:20 pm

Hello guy,

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