PS500 fuse / relay confuguration

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PS500 fuse / relay confuguration

Postby hughy85 » Sat Mar 11, 2017 10:14 am

Power circuitry wise I am also wanting to remove the old ‘standard’ size bosh relays / auto fuses and convert to micro relays / fuses.

My Haltech wiring diagram displays a coil with twin N/O contacts (2x 87’s) for use as the ECU power relay (ECU pins 10 & 11). Currently I have a dual contact relay in here but I am really struggling to find a twin N/O micro relay.

Is it crucial that these 2 supplies remain separate? Or could I just use a single contact relay and join the two wires together?

If they need to remain separate I was wondering if anyone had ever seen a micro relay with 2x N/O contacts or might know where I can source one?

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Re: PS500 fuse / relay confuguration

Postby Nissanman » Sat May 13, 2017 5:09 pm

From what I can see the feeds are separated giving each wire a 30A rated contact.
30A is a lot of current!
The Narva schematic shows exactly what you propose: -
That is more convenience that actual I think.
If you are concerned about the contact rating you could always use 2 micro relays, 1 for each feed with their pins 30, 85 and 86 connected together respectively.
Nissanman, just trying to help.....

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