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Platinum Sprint-RE Nitrous oxide compatibility. Need an expert!

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2018 11:08 pm
by wreckerx7
Hello and good day!
I have a 12A rotary engine in my '79 RX-7 managed by a Platinum Sprint-RE EFI, and would like to install a dry nitrous system. I am already using the EFI to trigger an actuator which opens the 4-barrel throttle body's secondaries at a specific RPM. I'm sure it would be simple to use another output to trigger a nitrous solenoid while at WOT and above a certain RPM. The question is, can the Sprint-RE system handle fuel enrichment and ignition timing reduction at the same time as activating the nitrous injection?
If not, is there some sort of add-on that can do it?

Thank you kindly