ATI usage

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ATI usage

Postby spartarus » Sun Sep 17, 2017 12:49 pm


I'm working with an AP1 PP ecu, here's my question:

I'm assuming I can use a 2-wire variable resistance oil pressure sender in one of the pull-up ATI's?
Is there any danger in grounding the aforementioned sensor to the block?

I'd use a 3-wire sender in an AVI, but I'm gonna need both of the AVI's for other things, and I'm trying to avoid expansion boxes for now. Space is very limited in the S2000.

Sender - 0-100 psi, resistive type. 240-33 ohms...

The existing oil pressure switch wire is as follows:
Batt. positive -> Gauge cluster light -> Oil P switch -> ground to block.

I would like to do the following:
Throw away useless oil pressure switch and split its harness at the chassis connector.
Batt. Positive -> Gauge cluster light -> Haltech Low side DSO. Use generic output to turn on the oil light under defined pressure or temp conditions. :D
Then Haltech ATI1 -> old switch wire -> new VR sender -> engine block ground

If OK, this means I get usable oil pressure and a useful dash light without having to run loose wires in my engine bay, I don't have to F with the stock harness, I don't have to wire up and watch a gauge, and I can define engine protection in the event of oil pressure drop.

I plan on recycling the (now useless) VTEC oil pressure switch wiring for the oil temp sensor, by de-pinning the positive side at the harness and moving it to an ATI, and using the negative side for a sensor ground. So, if It is unwise to ground the oil pressure sender to the block, I'll just ground it to that harness and share the grounds between the oil press and oil temp, assuming there's no problem with sharing those...?

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Re: ATI usage

Postby HaltechMatthew » Mon Sep 18, 2017 11:38 am

No sensors go to the engine block. In general they should all go direct to the ECU unless you want to turn the ECU into an expensive engine ground strap, or you want to be able to pick up signals from Mars along with your sensor signal. Some OEMs don't do this and they need their heads checked!

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