Platinum Pro Plug In, S2000 AP1, CEL P0373, Wont Rev about 2k rpm

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Platinum Pro Plug In, S2000 AP1, CEL P0373, Wont Rev about 2k rpm

Postby abrandnewroutine » Fri Oct 20, 2017 2:17 am

Alright Guys, I've come to a standstill. Ive exhausted many resources, used that fancy Google Machine, ANNNNDDD s2ki fancy search feature, still cant find a solution. So I've come to the pits to ask for help.

My S2000 MY04 has been under the knife for about a year. Finally got it started again and it idles great. Problem is at about 1700-2000 rpm, the engine stutters and WONT rev about 2k. As soon as it stutters, it throws a CEL P0373 (Timing Reference High Resolution Signal A Intermittent/Erratic Pulses).

Little Background on the vehicle to help confuse the whole thing. While under the knife ALL of this was done at once.
Added a 6262 Turbo, running on a Haltech Pro Plug in, ID1000 Injectors, New 340 Aeromotive Fuel Pump, FlexFuel sensor, Ballade Timing Chain Tensioner and Timing Gear, SOS 3bar Map Sensor, Clutch and Flywheel, and Battery relocated to the trunk. I Believe thats it.

Now at first the car wouldnt start at all. I had to add an ADDITIONAL engine ground to the frame to get the vehicle to start. Ive tried swapping the SOS 3bar Map sensor for the OEM Map and that hasnt helped either. The cars AFRs are pretty much spot on through out the available powerband. Timing looks good.

Im lost on ideas, Maybe I installed something wrong... Maybe the Crank Sensor is bad? Pls Help S2KI, Please. Id really like to drive this before snow falls..



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Re: Platinum Pro Plug In, S2000 AP1, CEL P0373, Wont Rev about 2k rpm

Postby HaltechMatthew » Fri Oct 20, 2017 12:02 pm

As it says, you have a crank sensor issue that is most likely related to crank relative to cam signals.

The short answer is to scope both signals with the crank to see how they relate. You can send this to us to be checked if necessary. I am going to take a good guess that you have a tooth on your cam pickup that is swapping from before to after and back again with a crank sensor tooth so the tooth count is not consistent.

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