S2000 - Ignition retarded too early before limiter

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S2000 - Ignition retarded too early before limiter

Postby Tierlord » Wed Jul 11, 2018 7:26 pm

Hello, my friend and I recently received the Platinum Pro for our S2000s. We are very pleased with this Ecu, but the dyno sheet raised a question.

The configuration is set up so that the ignition will only start to retard 200rpm before cut. The log and the dyno reveal that it actually starts as early as 500 rpms or more before cut. We can't actually see why this happens. Due to the charakteristics of our Rotrex Superchargers, this steals a signifikant amount of peak horsepower.

Can anyone take a look at the configuration and the log?

cal and log.zip
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