Help configuring oil pressure sensor in a iQ3 Street Dash

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Help configuring oil pressure sensor in a iQ3 Street Dash

Postby kroko-dilldo » Tue Aug 21, 2018 12:26 am


I need help setting up the parameters of the iQ3 (HT-060102) so that it shows me the values of the oil pressure sensor (HT-010904).

This is a Subaru Impreza WRX 2002 (BugEye) with a Platinum Pro Plugin ECU (HT-055174).

Connected to the ECU I have a CAN HUB 3 Port Tyco (HT-059991), CAN Wideband Controller Kit (HT-059976), Oil temperature Sensor (HT-010306), iQ3 Street Dash (HT-060102) and 150Psi Oil Pressure Sensor with Extension Kit (HT-101904 and HT-039103).

At this point I have everything configured and givin correct values in the ECU, as well, I am able to see everything in ECU Manager, oil pressure, oil temperature, AFR, Boost, etc...



As for passing these values to the iQ3, which is connected via CAN, the conversation is already another...

At the moment, in the iQ3, I have already been able to configure practically all the channels of the ECU, AFR, Oil and Water Temperature, Boost, Shift Lights, etc… minus the Oil Pressure, which for nothing of this world I am able to configure.

In short, I have the oil pressure to give correct values on the ECU but I am not able to pass this data to the iQ3...


If anyone can help me to overcome this situation, I will be eternally grateful...


Rui Pedro

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