Map Switching and boost control

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Map Switching and boost control

Postby r34gtt » Wed Sep 05, 2018 3:07 pm

I have an R34 GTT and running haltec Platinum Pro and trying to connect a Aquamist HFS3 Water injection kit.
The HFS3 has a few options for when the system is Switched off or reaches a 'failsafe condition', it asks for:
Ignition switched 12v, Fuel Injector (-), MAP sensor as well as an optional output for map switching.

Would i be right in assuming with the Platinum Pro, when the Output for the map switching is activated the second map can have a different Boost Level as well as timing and fuel? And would this switch wire be connected to one of my AVI's?

The system also gives the option to intercept and disable the boost solenoid when the HFS3 is turned off or failsafe condition is met however this would mean i would be running at gate pressure? - I imagine this option is for ECU's that do not support dual maps..
Since i will be driving with the HFS3 off half the time i do not want to be running on gate pressure,
My goal is to have the choice between Highboost with Water/Meth on And and medium boost with the HFS3 off or failsafe condition is met,
If map switching is not possible how can i implement this?

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