Mazda3 n/a-f/i conversion

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Mazda3 n/a-f/i conversion

Postby Prototype » Sat May 04, 2013 11:20 pm

took about 3 years in total to get to this point, I didn't have any particular alignment with the make of the car, it just happened to be the car I had at the time, and I plan to own it until it or I rots.

basics -
engine: built rotating assembly, light blue printing and balancing, stock cast crankshaft (biggest concern/limiting factor)
transmission: swap out am26r with a osgiken clutch based lsd, act streetlite flywheel/6puck ceramic
fuel:850cc hi impd semiens fuel inj, 3/8" ss hardlines, -6 braided teflon flex lines, walbro 400lph intank
cooling:cosworth oil/coolant, ron davis radiator, derail oil cooler(thermostatic)
lots of other parts
engine management ps1000
pretty conservative 20psi on straight pump fuel 92 octane

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