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Mazda MX5 1992 (1.9 ltr Naturally Aspirated)

Posted: Fri Oct 21, 2016 7:12 am
by Magpie
Engine is a naturally aspirated Mazda BP motor (85mm bore and stroke) with Jenvey ITB's.

Engine management - PS1000
Datalogging - IQ3 logging dash & VBox Lite
Suspension - BC Racing ER's (10/8 springs), OEM sway bars
Tyres - AD08R's (205/50/15)
Brakes - OEM NB8B (270mm front and 275mm rear)

  1. Engine/drivetrain/service/maintenance by Automotive plus
  2. Tuned by GT Auto Garage
  3. Winmax Brake Pads by Motorsport Brakes
  4. BC Racing ER's from Just Jap
  5. Alignment by TTS

ImageWTAC by Eipeip, on Flickr

ImageMark MX5 by Eipeip, on Flickr

Re: Mazda MX5 1992 (1.9 ltr Naturally Aspirated)

Posted: Sat Jan 07, 2017 2:57 pm
by Magpie
Spent my 2 weeks off work deleting the brake booster and doing some housekeeping on the wiring. Still have a lot of housekeeping on the wiring to do, but it was a start.

Went from the OEM setup to a system straight from a similar MX5. Dual masters with different size bore, remote reservoirs and adjustable bias
ImageDSCN3693 by Eipeip, on Flickr

This was the 'old'
ImageDSCN3672 by Eipeip, on Flickr

The new boosterless setup. First road test was SCARY, as put the foot on the brakes and NOTHING, only skid marks left were, well you guess :) However after about 6 or so small runs, the brakes were very linear, push HARDER to stop FASTER.

Moved all the Halech stuff to under the passenger seat area. This way it is easy to get at and allowed the glovebox area to also be tidied up.

ImageDSCN3846 by Eipeip, on Flickr

ImageDSCN3898 by Eipeip, on Flickr

ImageDSCN3847 by Eipeip, on Flickr

Custom cover for the Haltech Stuff
ImageDSCN3899 by Eipeip, on Flickr

Re: Mazda MX5 1992 (1.9 ltr Naturally Aspirated)

Posted: Wed Apr 05, 2017 4:10 pm
by HaltechMatthew
Looking good!