96 Corolla 4agte

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96 Corolla 4agte

Postby Grimie » Sun Nov 06, 2016 1:50 pm


I,ve been very interested in installing a Haltech product into my project, here are some questions i have that i cant really seems to find the answer anywhere else:

1. My project is a turbocharge 4agze Toyota FWD, which is a common swap from a supercharger system to a turbo system, since it’s a relatively old engine, figured a brand new 'brain' for would be better than a piggyback. The project specs are as follow:
a. cable throttle body
b. stock 4agze internals and bearing upgrade
c. balanced bottom up to 9000rpm
d. Nissan Silvia S13 turbo
The objective of the car is to be my daily driver and occasional track-day, nothing too extreme. Which products would be best suited to my tight budget needs but still accommodate me and my car's spec.

2. I've done some simple research on what Haltech ECU is about, and the thing is, i couldn't find a base map that suited my car's spec, is there any other way i could get my hand on a basemap (don’t think i can trust some google search results) before sending it to the tuners.

3. Now tuners wise, the reason ive put my project on a halt is because ive seen my friend's ride installed a standalone ECU, the car ran perfectly on the track and drift perfectly, but on daily use, the car cant idle properly (doesn't have modified cams) and died on stops, the ECU tuner can’t seem to get a solution saying it needed some ECU tuning specialist on it to resolve the problem( already spent a bomb in tuning fee alone) eventually the car sold with the problem intact.
This is my biggest fear in getting a standalone ECU, huge money spent on tuning without solving the problem, as in Malaysia i know GT auto is Haltech's platinum dealer, could i face the same problem or other potential problems when ive install with them (no offence).

3. As a lot of other car guys, i would like to learn to tinkle with my car's tune after its up and running, is it possible to achieve 2 different tune in one ECU for example: tune A, nicely done, Tune B, modified copy of tune a, and if all else fails in tune B, i can go back to A anytime.

Your prompt reply is kindly appreciated; if any further information needed please let me know here or reach me via PM or Email.


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Re: 96 Corolla 4agte

Postby HaltechMatthew » Thu Nov 10, 2016 9:13 am

Not the right section for this. This section is for cars already running a Haltech ECU.

But......these are all questions that you should be asking the tuners more than asking Haltech via a forum.

There are no issues with making a car idle and drive correctly, in fact this should be the very first thing done before hitting the dyno. If the tuner is having problems with the understanding of the system they are always welcome to talk to us directly if they need assistance.

4AG turbo engines are very common, and there are no real tricks to making them run correctly. There would be hundreds of them out there in the world with a large percentage running on Haltech ECUs of just about every models that we have produced in the last 25 years. Maps are available, but in all honesty, if your selected tuner cant supply a base map I would be shopping elsewhere.

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Re: 96 Corolla 4agte

Postby Grimie » Sat Nov 12, 2016 2:49 am

Apologise for posting in the wrong section of this forum.

And yes...i agree that these questions are better answered by tuners, will pay one of the Haltech authorised dealers here a visit soon.

Good to know that there are support given by Haltech, your reply has made my decision very much easier.

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