Crimp tools for ECU connectors

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Crimp tools for ECU connectors

Postby the_bluester » Mon Jan 23, 2017 1:40 pm

I have been searching for some time for a set of jaws for a modular crimp tool to suit the AMP Superseal 1.0 sockets in the Elite looms (Well, just about any aftermarket ECU loom for the last 20 years)

Has anyone got a part number for quick change type jaws for these sockets? I have been searching without any success for hours, unless I want to either use the pliers type crimper like Haltech have available or spend a really obscene amount of money on the TE crimper. I would really prefer to get a set of jaws for my ratchet type crimper as you get a more consistent result than with the standard type.

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