Incorrect Nitrous Pressure Value on IQ3

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Incorrect Nitrous Pressure Value on IQ3

Postby joliroger4 » Fri Aug 04, 2017 10:19 am

I am having an issue with my Haltech IQ3 Dash. I just upgraded from a ps2000 to an elite 2500, In the process I had to have my V1 IQ3 updated to V2 by racepak so the dash would still work. I was able to set everything up except for my NOS pressure sensor which I just added. The sensor reads properly in the ESP software, on the IQ3, the value is low. For instance the esp software and mechanical gauge will read 880psi but the dash will only display 385. The sensor is 0.5v-0psi 4.5v-1600psi. I'm thinking maybe the can data values aren't correct?
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