R32 GTR Elite 2000 VSS Issue

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R32 GTR Elite 2000 VSS Issue

Postby OSTMicah » Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:13 am

Hi All,

I am having an issue with the VSS in my car. My Elite has the default pulses set but will not record any MPH until I am moving at around 10mph. At this point the recorded MPH jumps to 14,756mph and then to 20,760mph. These are the only two MPH it shows and it just jumps between them depending on my speed.

Things I have done:
- tried to re-calibrate the speed sensor in the Elite (default pulses is something like 2458. Re-calibrated pulses was something like 16,000 and only lowered the mph numbers displayed)
- switch the type of sensor and the pull-up
- checked continuity of the VSS wire at the back of the cluster and the ECU
- dissembled the speedometer to verify no broken parts
- ensured my speedometer reads correctly

All of these items did not correct the issue. Changing the sensor and re-calibrating it obviously had effects but did not fix it.

Let me know your thoughts!

Thank you,


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