Elite 1000 in FD RX-7

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Elite 1000 in FD RX-7

Postby Mike93R1 » Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:10 am

Hello all

Hoping you can help me out with a few questions I have wiring in my Elite 1000 to my 93 RX-7. I should first mention I removed the factory emissions harness and am using a basic universal harness. I do have most of the major items wired like TPS, injectors, etc. I'm not sure on a few things though. I want to run my fans similar to the stock set up with stepped up fan speeds based on coolant temp. I'm not sure where to wire in to accomplish that, so any help would be appreciated. Same with the fuel pump, it's duel speed and would like to retain that, what relay do I wire the signal wire to, The duel speed relay or the standard relay? Last question, I am a little confused on the trigger & home wiring (26 pin connector) using the stock sensors. According to the wire diagram I only need to use the + and - wires out of the 4 core shielded crank & cam wires & I know how to wire those. However part of the 4 core is a blue wire (pin 15) that is a signal ground but does not wire directly to the stock sensors. However it also shows a black/white signal ground (also pin 15) that leads to both of the 4 core wires. Does this black/white wire somehow get wired in to the shielded wires? What signal ground do i use, the blue one in the 4 core or the blk/white that is not part of the 4 core? Obviously I'm new at this and appreciate the help and look forward to getting my car up and running with this ECU.

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