Drive-by-wire accelerator over CANbus

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Drive-by-wire accelerator over CANbus

Postby andyandy26 » Sun Nov 19, 2017 6:31 pm

Recently I've been doing various bench tests with a Elite 2500, interfacing and experimenting to eventually integrate into my car with other onboard electronics.
So far I've been using the onboard CANBUS interface to read the values from the ECU and have hit a couple snags.
Note that this is using the Haltech vehicle side and not the OBDII side.

My first issue is that the message ID 0x372 is not being broadcast. I was hoping to use this to read the voltage at the ECU.

My second issue is a touch more important; the accelerator position sensor value does not correspond to real world and shows as -100. Below this is illustrated:
As seen, the haltech software correctly can see me pressing the accelerator however the canbus is permanently stuck at -100?
I do not however atm have the throttle position sensor attached and this could explain why it shows a negative percentage. Is this the reason?

Thanks in advance :)

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