suspect trigger behaviour

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suspect trigger behaviour

Postby bellto » Sat Mar 03, 2018 6:11 pm

got an r33 here thats been running an elite2500 for a while.

last year upgraded to an NZ wiring 24-1 trigger wheel and vr sensor. worked fine.

motor came out for a freshen up and ever since it went back in it wont start.
trigger setup is a follows:

generic missing tooth, no home

location - on cam

teeth - 24
missing teeth - 1

rpm filter - 0

quickstart - enabled

sensor type - reluctor

falling edge

rpm filter - 0

ground reference - disabled

edge rejection - 10%

trigger arming voltage was set to default, alterations have been made and has had no effect.

exactly the same setup as before and the car ran and made 700hp reliably, now however, when i crank the car it fires repeatedly but wont run and the haltech reports p1301 trigger error, and says it had a trigger reference error. every time it fires and fails to run, the trigger error count goes up by 1

first step i did was to replace the sensor, used exactly the same bosch sensor bought brand new. didnt help.

next step i replaced the shielded wire from the ecu loom to the sensor. also no help. exactly the same drama.

please help as im pretty ready to send the ecu back for repairs at this stage because nothing seems to make sense.

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Re: suspect trigger behaviour

Postby bellto » Sun Mar 04, 2018 3:00 am

did a bit of research and turns out the trigger wheel itself isnt optimal for the bosch vr sensor supplied with the kit.

(sensor really needs 6mm teeth with a 10mm space for crankshaft use, this trigger had 2.6mm teeth with a 4.2mm gap, obviously running at cam speed, but doubling those measurement still misses the mark by a bit (5.2mm teeth and 8.4mm gap)

rechecked the air gap and got it from .8mm to .4mm which made me able to run a higher filter level, still wasnt great.

i decided to take an extra tooth off for a home reference, making it a 24-2 wheel.

works perfect now on all filter levels, and allowed me to dial up the trigger activation voltage a fair bit to allow for more accurate referencing.

went for a fairly hefty lap tonight on low boost, stable rpm all the way to 9000rpm hardcut. seems to be perfect now.

still cant grapple the fact that it came apart running and went back together and didnt work at all.

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