Cannot find correct calibrations for air/coolant/O2

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Cannot find correct calibrations for air/coolant/O2

Postby Pirana » Tue May 01, 2018 12:04 pm

Just got my Haltech Elite 2500 into my Evo 9...had an AEM previously. I have the harness adapter and running the start map HT-141233. I using the Haltech HT-010200 air temp sensor supplied, the OEM Mitsubishi coolant sensor and an AEM Failsafe Wideband 5v analog output.

Wideband is on AVI6 (input type = analog voltage) running calibration from AEM Failsafe instruction manual
Air temp sensor in on AVI7 (input type = analog voltage, pull up = enable) running GM air temp sensor calibration
Coolant temp sensor is on AVI8 (input type = analog voltage, pull up = enable) running Mitsubishi EVO 9 calibration
MAF is disabled
Gas fuel type

Now I have tried almost all different calibrations supplied with the Haltech USB, but none match current air or coolant temperatures, and the one that does on the coolant, spikes up in temperature reading after a few to 182F from 77F (2.6 volts). So its obvious in a totally different scale.

The wideband reading is also way off...reading 18:1 when the gauge display is showing 13-14 (4.6-4.7 volts).

Iam not a proffesional tuner...but I have been tuning my evo for the last 4 years on the AEM, Im just having some set up problems with the Haltech...if anyone has some advice to help out...I would greatly appreciat it.


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