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Vehicle CAN System Bus Selection

Posted: Thu May 03, 2018 6:51 pm
by thebeeguy
Is there a way to add additional vehicles to the "Vehicle" drop down menu under the Vehicle CAN System section?

Currently in the drop down menu I have: Suzuki Swift Sport, Ford Falcon, Mazda MX5, etc. I would like to add a GM vehicle (any GM vehicle) that uses Flex Fuel.

Reason being, I am using an OBD2 Bluetooth dongle with my Elite 1500 and using the Torque App on my phone to display a few gauges. I'm trying to get my Ethanol Content working but it doesn't seem like the Haltech is transmitting the data from my Flex Fuel sensor to the app. I have the custom PID set up in the app but when I test it, it receives no data for Ethanol Content (PID 0X52). The other gauges I have displayed on the Torque App work fine (coolant temp, oil pressure, etc).

Is there an update I need to download to add a GM vehicle that uses Flex Fuel to the drop down menu?