Signal ground has continuity with Chassis ground when ECU plugged in.

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Signal ground has continuity with Chassis ground when ECU plugged in.

Postby D-Oaten » Mon Aug 06, 2018 1:10 pm

Hey guys, so i've been working with haltechs for a while and haven't yet encountered this issue before.

So a customer brought me a Suzuki samari with a 2jz vvti crammed into it and needed his elite 2500 wired in. So I wired it with a flying lead harness and got the engine to fire up no problem on a base map. But i kept having an issue with the CTS reading Max+Min and throwing a code. Tried different toyota sensors, haltech sensors, even tried running the CTS off a different AVI and signal ground wire, no change.

We had a mechanical water gauge so we attempted to get some steady state tuning done before any power stuff and right away the tuner told me the readings on the ECU didn't match the numbers in the real world. So after a bunch of digging in the engine harness i found that when the ECU is plugged in the Signal ground wires have continuity with the chassis ground, but when i unplug the ECU and test all the signal ground wires for continuity with the battery or chassis there is no continuity.

I'm wondering if this is my problem with the other sensors reading incorrectly and also throwing off my CTS sensor, or is it normal for the Signal and chassis ground to have continuity when the ECU is connected?

Anyone else have similar problems?

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