Ford PCM Alternator control

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Ford PCM Alternator control

Postby Side_Show_Bob » Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:09 am

Hi all,

I've got an American Ford engine running in an Aussie falcon using an elite 2500. What I'd like to do is to control the alternator using the elite 2500.

So far I have tried the Alt control feature and it DOES not work period.

From literature online, the Ford PCM smart charge system using frequency-based voltage regulation as per this article: ... lternator/

Also from Megasquirt: ... e-1.5.html

What I would like to try is to use a generic output using STEP1 P4 with a Batt Voltage vs Frequency table.

The bit I am unsure of is, I don't want to fry the reg in this alternator by supplying the incorrect voltage to simulate a factory PCM.

If I use STEP1 P4 can I switch it between 0 and 12v based off my table?

Thanks in advance.

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