Sensor scaling thread.

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Sensor scaling thread.

Postby Drwaffles » Tue Nov 06, 2018 9:53 pm

Hey guys, I thought we should have a collective place to store confirmed sensor scalings that aren't available with base maps or ESP files.
Naturally take them all with a grain of salt as every sensor is different, but it's a good starting place.
Make your posts something like this:

CHANGE THE FILE EXTENSION TO ".CAL" from the ".XLS" used for attachment upload.

Sensor: Oil Temperature sensor
OEM/Aftermarket: OEM
Brand: Subaru
Model/Series: Liberty 07 BPE
Engine: EZ30R
Part number:
Range tested: 5c --- 78C
Method: K-Type Thermocouple

Sensor: MAP sensor
OEM/Aftermarket: OEM
Brand: Subaru
Model/Series: WRX GC8
Engine: EJ20T
Part number:
Range tested: -12 PSI --- 20PSI
Method: Mighty-Vacc

Sensor: IAT
OEM/Aftermarket: OEM
Brand: AUDI
Model/Series: Unknown
Engine: 5 Cylinder Turbo
Brand/ Part number: Bosch "Fast response"
Range tested: 5-78C
Method: K-Type Thermocouple
Subaru oil temperature sensor.xls
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Bosch IAT sensor.xls
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GC8 MAP sensor.xls
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