Elite 2000 evo 8

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Elite 2000 evo 8

Postby Ausi1211 » Tue Jul 03, 2018 6:56 am

I have an evo 8 which was running perfectly fine on elite 1500 when suddenly my wastegate broke due to antilag which was nothing serious i changed it and put a tial 44mm wastegate after that i was getting boost but my afr was disturbed a little so next day i took an appointment from the tuner to take it so that he can reset the afr .. but on my way there somehow i wasnt getting the pull on boost although i was getting proper boost in the guage ....
We started from checking
the boost leak
then the engine timming
then the plugs
Then engine compression which was 150 each
But couldnt find anything
So we decided to open the manifold and check the wastegate and turbo again and see if the tubo has gone bad or anything
But neither of the two was bad they were both fine ..
we have fixed them again and
I am not getting any check light .. but at times i do get trigger sync error on haltech elite page but i used to get that before also at times but i used to get the pull on boost
But now i am getting the boost on the guage but i dont get the pull we have tried everything we could think of but unfortunately nothing helped .. can you guide us what could it be .. why am i not getting the pull ?

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