Correct ignition settings in Elite 1500 for sr20det with p11 sr20ve head using p12 cas

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Correct ignition settings in Elite 1500 for sr20det with p11 sr20ve head using p12 cas

Postby ablackwell » Tue Jul 24, 2018 3:16 am


So i have a 4wd sr20det avenir engine with sr20ve p11 head running p12 CAS, i would like the correct ignition setting for the elite 1500.

would you happen to have these values?

I originally got this setup some time ago from a tuner that gave me a base map which he subsequently road tuned for me but i just want to be sure this is correct as currently from idle doing standing rev the car revs really slow but when i look at the ignition map its looks pretty similar to other maps i have seen for a similar setup. But for the life of me it makes no sense as to why the car revs so slow. Its as if there is a 2-3 secs delay before the engine revs going on on off throttle. You can pick up this delay even from playing with throttle from the engine bay.

I am the owner of the car and i have recently been getting more hands on with the car. This car has really been a project car that was not being driven much but now i am going to be using it as my daily soon so i am now checking all of these variables before i go and get it put unto a dyno and tuned.


Calibrated the TPS
Checked cam timing
Checked FOR accuracy of TDC markings on crankshaft pully in relation to tdc of the engine. (to ensure the damper hasn't spun out of place)

These so far the above has been accurate.

What i would like to do next is to borrow a timing light and lock the timing at 15 degrees to check if the ecu is currently synced properly as well as if there is no significant timing drift.

I am saying all this to say i really just want to ensure that all the variables are correct before moving forward just for peace of mind.

So please send me if possible the settings which will aid in trouble shooting the above mentioned problem.

Best Regards,

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