How to create a output Hysteresis - A solution.

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How to create a output Hysteresis - A solution.

Postby Drwaffles » Tue Jul 31, 2018 12:54 pm

So I've got a 2007 Liberty that's got the EZ30 motor; It has cam advance on the inlet cams, but it also has an active valve lift system.
What I found with the E2500 is that there didn't seem to be a straightforward option to have the trigger values for outputs on a hysteresis.

So what was happening was the cams would switch at the factory 1300RPM point, which would at light throttle (traffic) cause a slight RPM drop, and that would turn them back off, RPM would then increase and so on.. The ECU would constantly switch the solenoid on and off. The minimum on/off time wasn't really the solution I wanted as it would cause delays.

So I found a way to get the ECU to switch the cams on at X (1300) and turn them back off at Y (1000)
Just though I'd let you guys know in case somebody else has a similar requirement.


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