E11v2 Wide Band Set up


E11v2 Wide Band Set up

Postby Topfun99 » Tue Sep 04, 2007 11:17 pm

I searched the posts but couldn't find an answer to this. I have the E11v2 and the Haltech (Innovative) Wide Band kit. After installing the kit and going through the initial calibration, the wide band Haltech gage seems to work just fine. For the ECU, I wired the yellow wire (analog output 1) from the wideband controller to the Haltech O2 sensor wire (pin 12 - Shielded white/orange) and the brown wire (analog output 2) to the Haltech Analog spare A/D 1 channel (pin 13 - Shielded white/yellow) and set it "wide band input. There were no parameters available to edit on this. At this point I am assuming that this is a correct way to wire the wide band O2 sensors.

The Haltech programming instructions for using this O2 wide band and the eventual results are not clear to me. In the fuel setup, when I chose closed loop 02 sensor, which O2 Sensor type should I chose and which O2 gain control - 1V or 5V? I assume that the yellow input from the wide band simulates the 0-1V signal for closed loop control and I should chose 1V, but having the option for chosing the 5V makes it confusing.

Also, I checked the analogue input on the data page while the engine was running but the AD/1 channel that I hooked the analog 2 output from the wide band controller but did not see a A/F ration or voltage that indicated Haltech was using the wideband signal correctly. I think it was just a reading that fluctuated between 2-3 mv.

I'm sure there is a lot I will have to figure out on using this system with the Haltech but I thought I would start with these simple (?) questions.



Re: E11v2 Wide Band Set up

Postby Topfun99 » Thu Sep 06, 2007 9:05 pm

Okay, I figured out that I needed to go to the setup and set the O2 sensor to Wide Band Sensor. Now when I check the output on the wide band signal on the Analog channel all I get is a steady 10.04 AFR, no fluctuation. I know that the engine is not running rich because I have the display gage which is working fine. I have not enabled the closed loop in the fuel setup but I don't think this should affect the ECU correctly reading the wide band signal on the analog channel.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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