Fuel map to start GSXR1100


Fuel map to start GSXR1100

Postby proutyc » Mon Sep 10, 2007 10:47 am

Sorry I'm new here but hopefully someone wil be able to help. Haltech could n't help me here but suggested I try this forum

Does someone have a fuel map that I can use as a base for a GSXR1100. I just need to get it started as I have both a wideband o2 sensor and my datalogger has EGT so will be able to tune from there, just dont know where to start!!!!

It runs late model Kawasaki ZX10R injectors

Hopefully someone on here has played with any of the following bikes

Suzuki gsxr1100
Suzuki gsxr1000
Suzuki Hayabusa
Kawasaki ZX10r
Kawasaki ZX12r
Yamaha R1
Honda CBR1100
Honda CBR1000R

My actual engine has the following mods if it'll helps anyone

Oilcooled GSXR
Worked cylinder head
Aftermarket pistons and rods
TD04 - 13g (Turbo off a Subaru WRX) Initially will run this at only a couple of psi to get tune started
Air to air intercooler
Injection from Kawasaki zx10R
MSD fuel pump
Mallory 4305m fuel regulator(currently set at 45psi)

Plan is to restrict boost to 6-10psi as have to keep under 220hp for class rules.

Any help much appreciated

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