Haltech all of a sudden died? Mitsubishi E39A VR4 with E8


Haltech all of a sudden died? Mitsubishi E39A VR4 with E8

Postby OSiRiS » Sun Aug 26, 2007 10:06 pm

Haltech all of a sudden died? Mitsubishi E39A VR4 with E8

Greetings from New Zealand.

I have a E39A Mitsubishi Galant VR4 (4G63) with Haltech E8 installed and running perfectly.

Everything is running fine and I'm driving along the motorway cruising speed 100kph and all of a sudden my tacho died and I noticed that car engine is still running, car is running but when I put my foot on the accelerator nothing? About 5 seconds later tacho went back to the position and car is fine again.

So I drive about 5km to home and stop outside on the side of the road. I turn the car off, go inside the house with my keys to open the garage door and then came back to start the car and nothing at all? No fuel pump prime, no self diagnostic dashboard lights and obviously car won't start. Stereo, lights etc. all work fine.

Now I have searched the forums and I've looked through the papers for the ECU and somewhere there is a Haltech fuseblock which I may need to check? I looked everywhere and couldn't find one -is it because I'm using a patch harness for my VR4?

I've checked the connector going to the ECU pins 10, 11 and they are grounded ok. I checked pin 26 but no power at all?

Please let me know if you have any idea. As I said before car was working fine and all of a sudden just died?



Re: Haltech all of a sudden died? Mitsubishi E39A VR4 with E

Postby THR RX7 » Mon Aug 27, 2007 3:25 am

What type of installation do you have, a full flying lead harness or a plug in style one? if you have a plug in style harness you need to check the stock ECU's fuses to make sure they're ok, if you have a flying lead installation just follow the harness, it should be mounted on the firewall outside, or near the ECU in the cabin somewhere.

You might probably have to use a slightly bigger fuse if its a plug in installation. If the stock ECU uses 5 or 7.5, go to a 10A.

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Postby OSiRiS » Mon Aug 27, 2007 5:50 pm

It a plug and play patch harness.

So check the vehicle fuses?


Re: RE

Postby drjekl » Mon Sep 10, 2007 6:20 pm

yer i would check the fuses out in the engine bay around the battery area, also have a look around where the standard airflow meter usually sits, there is a plug there that can fill with water and corrode, it supplys power to the ecu. have you got it sorted now?
which part of NZ you in?

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