damn civic wont spark at the right angle


Re: base map

Postby Marvindjojo » Wed Sep 05, 2007 10:38 pm

I have the following settings up and would like to have all your opinion.

Current case:
Timing is correct but starts only with starter fluids and only tries to start with injectors for a couple of sec's.(symptom is just like when your fuel pump is not turned on)
Car starts with fuel settings set to Multi point divided by 4, which to my understanding means that the fuel map needs more fuel when set to sequential mode. Somehow i'm not able to get this right.

running the car w/ msd 6AL, BKR8EIX, precision 1600 cc, blaster coil.

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Re: base map

Postby THR RX7 » Thu Sep 06, 2007 3:18 am

Hmm... looks like you went with different values than what i had advised before, but its cool, what ever zeros your timing correctly.

Also, could you please post a pic of your injectors, id like to see them, maybe they are not 1600cc after all, its been known to happen.

But, multipoint with ign/by set to 4 doesnt sound correct to me.

Does anybody know if the E8/E11 assumes an ignition divide by of 1 when set to sequential by default?

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Re: base map

Postby Marvindjojo » Thu Sep 06, 2007 5:22 am

This is the fuel map i have for the evo 2g 4G63 running RC 1000's

I think they are 1600's cause after stepping over to the other ecu program which was already tuned with 1000's on this engine the only thing i had to do is change it to 1600 cc and it ran pretty well afr's from idle to 9K.
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Re: base map

Postby Marvindjojo » Thu Sep 06, 2007 6:27 am



these two pages are the only ones with a little explanation.

I hope i will be able to get this finally settled.


According to this guy the wiring for the injectors are:


Anybody please confirm.
I think this is where all the problem is with my sequential injection setup. I will try this out this afternoon.

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lets get a few things straight

Postby matt510 » Sat Sep 08, 2007 3:15 am

Firstly Its not that there isnt a great deal of support or information for Honda and Haltech - there are lots of hondas running haltech quite well. Its just that no one has sat down and written a step by step set of instructions for people who dont actually understand what they are doing. If you know what your doing its very easy to get a honda running. If your relying on a step by step guide (ie dunno what your doing just copy what someone else did) then i can appreciate the difficulty here. Its no secret we live in a monkey see monkey do world in racing so i understand person A just wants to copy what person B did....This is one of the reasons alot of haltech honda guys dont write step by step guides for other people to follow - they want to maintain their competitive advantage.
It should really be up to Haltech to do something like this, however im sure they are too busy developing new features and new ECUs to have the time to write step by step guides for people like us who just want to copy what someone else has already done....i dont really have a solution - just a rant - perhaps the solution is to have someone who actually knows what they are doing install these things...which of course begs the question where are these people and how do you learn it??? more questions than answers here....

Back to your problem - If the engine ran multipoint ignition divide 4 the fuelling should actually be the same when you set to sequential (the ECU automatically sets the divide to 1 when you go to sequential). Both ways each injector fires once per engine cycle so the fuelling remains the same.


Re: lets get a few things straight

Postby Marvindjojo » Sat Sep 08, 2007 5:47 am


Till now i only found a couple of write-ups explaining their personal experience with the Haltech/ Honda situation.

I'm not a honda engineer/ type but i try my best to try out anything, after at least reading a manual. In this case you really need to know the concepts of the honda "dna" and then challenge your self with the installation and tuning of the Haltech. actually any stand alone syst. I have managed to past through the whole honda ecu hack(crome/neptune etc.) with the help of well supported forums.

Here is also that i have read from at least two personal sites about honda's TDC aiming at the # 3 cyl.

This weekend i will try to rewire the injectors and hopefully I will succeed.

keep you posted.


Re: lets get a few things straight

Postby nigel » Fri Sep 14, 2007 1:29 am

are you still having problems with the haltech if so let me know i have done a few and even made some patch harness the last patch harness i made was for the 1999 type r civic hatch i am doing one now for the integra k20 full with ac control vtech all included i have a base map for the civic that made 400whp at 17psi 1000cc injectors " cant remember the turbo size and the haltech system to me works like a charm on hondas very simple and easy.


Re: lets get a few things straight

Postby Marvindjojo » Fri Sep 14, 2007 11:31 pm

thanks for your reply.

I did not get a chance to work on the vehicle yet. since i have ordered a T1 trigger sensor complete with M&W pro 14 ignitor and CBR cop's,i thought i might wait it out. But i was wondering if the whole injection issue was really about cyl#3 being TDC therefore would inject #4,2,1and then 3 again. Do set the injection in this order and set it to sequential. The car is firing in the right order at the right angle. starts easy with starting fluids or multi / divided by "4". since this setting is dumping plenty of fuel. My only conclusion is the injectors not firing at the right moment in sequential mode.

also, in this case having v-tec, do i make two maps and have the management jump to the second map when in v-tec or do i adjust the one primairy map with the jump at v-tec rpm?

Thanks in advance.



Re: lets get a few things straight

Postby nigel » Thu Sep 20, 2007 1:58 am

the engine fires just like a normal engine #1 being tdc and injectors are wire acording to cylinder number ..the ecu i think starts in batch mode then converts to sequential after the trigger system is in sync properly ..i might be wrong ...and when you are running sequential you dont have an ignition devide by option only when you run multi point or batch

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