injector current setting????

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injector current setting????

Postby T-Bird24 » Mon Jan 21, 2019 1:34 am

i am having some issues with my E11. when trying to start the vehicle. both cold and hot. the vehicle will crank over fine and fire up but wont idle very well. i have to pump the throttle after the engine has fired. then hold my foot on the throttle for a few second, while the engine stubble and misfires. then it will clear itself out and its OK. same thing happens when applying very small % of throttle, i have to pump the throttle a bit then hold that rpm for everything to smooth out. engine runs OK with constant throttle been held.

vehicle is a EL Ford Falcon 4L with dizzy TFI module. load senses is TPS N/A engine with a manual gearbox.

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