Bug in Wideband 02 Control

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Bug in Wideband 02 Control

Postby Cosmologist » Mon Nov 01, 2021 9:14 am


Wideband control places programmable limits on Enrich Increase % and Enrich Decrease %.

This is a safety feature that limits the extent to which Wideband O2 control can vary the injector opening time relative to the opening time specified in the base map. The controls for these limits are on the Setup/Fuel Setup Page of HalWin v1.89, and they are limited to a Max Increase of 25% and a Max Decrease of 25%. In other words, the user can independently set the Max Increase and Max Decrease independently within the range between 0% and 25%.

Many users probably set both parameters to be the same, and those who have confidence in the accuracy of of their Wideband O2 sensor and controller (and their AFR targets or map) may set both limits to the maximum 25%. However, there are situations where it might be prudent to set different limits on Enrich Increase versus Enrich Decrease. For example, for a race engine, where running lean would be extremely hazardous, there might be an argument for setting Max Enrich Decrease to 0%, and Max Enrich Increase to any desired value up to 25%.


As a result of careful experimentation, I have determined that the Max Enrich Increase and Max Enrich Decrease settings are reversed. If, for example, you set Max Enrich Increase to 25% and Max Enrich Decrease to 0%, you will actually get 0% and 25% respectively.

This is no big deal as long as you know about it. You just swap your numbers on the Setup/Fuel Setup Page and then you get what you want.

It is a matter of semantics whether this is a bug in the Haltech E11v2/E8 firmware, or a bug in HalWin v1.89. In any case, they are just variable names, and it does not matter as long as you know about it. They do not compromise the Wideband O2 operation in any way. And, if you only ever set these two parameters to the same value, you don't even need to know about it.

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